Announcement on Further Adjustments of Guangzhou Library Service Arrangements
Heure de publication:2020-07-24 13:39:34

According to relevant guidance documents issued by government agencies, and considering our readers' needs and the actual situation of our library, we decide to adjust our service arrangements as follows:

Resume regular opening hours

1. Our library will open from 9:00 to 21:00, closed on Wednesday.

2. The south tower of the building and floor 8 to 9 of the north tower will be open from 10:00 to17:30.

Reopen more areas and gates

1. The self-study area and the gates on the Lower level 1 will be reopened.

2. The parking lot on the Lower level 2 will be accessible to visitors whove made a reservation to enter the library. Visitors with valid appointment records for that day can enter the parking lot through the lane in front of the library east gate. The parking lot is open from 9:30 to 21:30. As parking spaces are limited, we advise you to come here early.

Click here to get specific service time of different areas.

Increase the number of daily visitors

The total number of daily visitors by real-name appointment increases to 8000and the number of visitors staying at the library at the same time will be controlled within 3000. Please arrive at the library during your appointed time, and show your appointment records and health code, such as Suikang code or Yuekang code to check in.

Adjust appointment sessions

Six appointment sessions are available:

9:00-11:00,   11:00-13:00,   13:00-15:00,

15:00-17:00,  17:00-19:00,   19:00-21:00.

1. The first session check-in starts at 8:30. Meanwhile, the library west lobby will serve as the waiting area until 9:00. The other five sessions check-in is arranged according to your appointed time.

2. Another appointment to enter the library on the same day is unavailable once you leave the library. The sixth session appointment will be closed at 20:40 on the same day, and the check-in will be closed at 20:50.

3. Please remember to cancel the appointment in time if you are unable to come as expected, otherwise you will not be allowed to make another appointment within 7 days.

Welcome to use our book delivery service and digital library resources.

The above adjustments will take effect from Thursday, July 23th.


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